What kinds of customizations do you offer?

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Nearly everything! Smarty Symbols is committed to providing communication boards that cater to the unique needs of each client. For example, we use the Fitzgerald Key color scheme, which means that we can replace verbs and words of choice on your board; however we would not change the background color of the verbs to brown for example. Some of the available customizations include: However we do only customize keeping industry standards.

  1. Organization Name: The boards can be personalized with the name of the clinic or school where they will be used. This adds a professional touch and helps create a sense of ownership and pride in the communication tool.
  2. Logo Integration: Customers can request to have their organization’s logo added to the board, enhancing brand recognition and creating a more cohesive visual identity within their space.
  3. Color Matching: Smarty Symbols can match the color of the board to your organization’s logo, ensuring a consistent and professional appearance that complements your branding.
  4. Sponsor Recognition: If the cost of your communication board is sponsored by another organization, Smarty Symbols would be more than happy to include the sponsor’s logo or recognition on the board design. This not only acknowledges the sponsor’s generosity and support but also helps to foster a sense of community and partnership between organizations.


Smarty Symbols can certainly replace vocabulary and images on the boards to better suit the needs and characteristics of your specific space. For example, if your playground doesn’t have a monkey bar but features unique equipment not typically found in other playgrounds, Smarty Symbols can modify the words and images accordingly for a fee. See our fee schedule directly on each product page. If you need a custom quote, feel free to message us directly.


We can also illustrate a custom icon for spaces that are truly unique. Just send us a photograph of the playground equipment you would like us to create a one of a kind image for.

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