How do I install my communication board?

Category: Installation

The installation process for your communication board depends on the type of material and the location where you intend to place it. We have a specific document with details about installation and photos of other installation from previous creative customers. Here are some general guidelines for installing different types of communication boards:

  1. Plastic (6MM PVC/Sintra) boards: These can be placed on wood back posts or attached to fences using zip ties or other suitable methods.
  2. Wooden (High-Density Fiberboard) boards: These can be mounted using screws, brackets, or other appropriate hardware, ensuring that the board is securely fastened to a stable surface.
  3. Aluminum (3mm) boards: These can be installed using screws or other suitable fasteners, making sure the board is firmly attached to the desired location.

For more detailed installation instructions and recommendations, please refer to the product manual or contact the Smarty Symbols team for assistance.

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