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What are the steps for cities to add a playground communication board?

Discover the ease and simplicity of ordering a Smarty Symbols Playground Communication Board for your city park. Our website allows you to choose from a variety of communication board designs for city parks and customize to your specific needs for an instant quote. Payment options include purchase orders from cities or credit card payments. Our team will guide you through the design process and provide step-by-step installation guidelines. Ensure inclusive and accessible parks for all children, including non-speaking children, with Smarty Symbols. Contact us today to learn more.

Which of the materials is more durable?

Of the three materials used for Smarty Symbols communication boards, aluminum is the most durable option. The aluminum boards are made up of two 0.008″ aluminum sheets sandwiching a solid polyethylene core. These boards are known for their excellent durability,…

How do I install my communication board?

The installation process for your communication board depends on the type of material and the location where you intend to place it. We have a specific document with details about installation and photos of other installation from previous creative customers.…