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Communication Board Design

If you would like to completely design a communication board that perfectly aligns with your space, we can work with you to design a custom communication board or modify the communication boards we already designed.

Custom Icon Design

We have the capabilities to also design a 100% custom icon for your communication board to meet the needs of your custom environment. Just submit a photograph and our team of illustrators will transform it into an icon to be utilized on your custom communication board.


If you are needing someone to help you identify parks, determine best location within the park, or work with you on a larger city wide or school wide project. We got you!


The beauty of Smarty Boards is the fact that you can either buy one of our amazing standard boards or you can easily personalize it with your organization logo or the logo of the partners who helped raise funds for the boards.


Communication Accessibility and Awareness

We believe that communication accessibility is a right for all humans. It is our right to be able to do this everywhere. In order to allow some humans to exercise this right, public spaces can provide access to a communication board. The communication board will allow children and adults to communication by pointing to pictures. 

While access to public display communication board has started in the playgrounds. It does not have to be limited to it. Communication accessibility through communication boards can be achieve anywhere including at waterparks, at the zoo, or even at waiting room in places children often wait to receive therapy services.

Given the fact that the vocabulary may depend on the unique locations, our team offers the ability to customize vocabulary items based on your specific location needs. You can start with one of our base boards and request changes.


Remove the barrier to the hassle of the process

There are so many steps involved in creating a communication board. Our goal is to create an experience that is 100% hassle free for you. You can order one of our default boards with minimal customization or you can work with us to create a full custom communication board. Our team of experts will do the work for you!

We have started designing communication boards with vocabulary to better serve all public spaces. Contact us and we would be happy to work with you on a design for your community.

If you are ordering a sign without any special customizations, we will begin production of the sign within 24 hour. Your sign should be mail to you within 4 to 5 week days. Shipping timelines will depend on your location. If you will be adding any logos, production time will start within 48 hours from when we receive the high resolution image of the logos you would like to include on the board. In the case of customizing vocabulary with vocabulary within the Smarty Symbols library, you will receive the symbol options within 48 hours to approve and design will begin shortly after.

Yes! We would be more than happy to provide you with a custom design for community communication board project. Customization can include: Drawing a brand new icon to match a specific playground item, or vocabulary in your community. We can also customize the text box areas with custom text. Default customizations which can be easily added without contacting our team includes: Adding a logo for community sponsors, city and state in which your board will be located. Let us work on your next community communication display. Contact our team at for more details.


yes. We accept purchase order. You can email your purchase order to us. Once we receive your purchase order, we will generate an invoice which must be paid before we can produce your sign.


Warren Township Recreation Communication Board
Grand Strand Miracle Leagues Communication Boards


Crafting Spaces That Speak to Everyone

When we contemplate accessibility, our minds often gravitate towards the physical elements—ramps, elevators, and door widths. Yet, the essence of true inclusivity extends far beyond the tangible; it encompasses the vital realm of communication accessibility. At the core of our mission lies the recognition that meaningful interactions form the bedrock of human connection, underscoring the necessity for every child and adult to feel wholly included, acknowledged, and empowered to engage with those around them.

Our team is able to design a project tailored precisely to your environment, ensuring that each aspect of our solution—be it custom communication boards crafted with selected vocabularies for your specific context, portable boards for on-the-go interactions, or comprehensive staff training programs—enhances the inclusivity of your space. We understand that the dynamics of every environment are as unique as the individuals within it, demanding a communication access solution that is equally singular and adaptive.

Your space possesses its own distinct rhythm and interactions; let us enrich this uniqueness with tailored communication access. Together, we can foster an environment where every voice is heard, every interaction is meaningful, and every individual is valued. Let’s collaborate to create a space that truly speaks to everyone.

If you don’t need a custom design or if you are looking a minimal design, checkout our default customizations:

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