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Inclusive School Library Communication Board


Inclusive School Library Communication Board

Offering non-verbal students the means to actively engage in school library activities is pivotal to their academic and social development. Let’s envision the following scenario:

During a class library period, a teacher notices one student hesitating near the fiction section, seemingly unsure of how to convey their interest in a specific genre or book. The teacher recognizes that the student has limited verbal communication abilities. She recalls the School Library Communication Board mounted nearby. Directing the student’s attention to the board, their apprehension quickly transforms into enthusiasm. By pointing at the images and symbols, the student conveys their interest in mystery novels. Using the board as a bridge, the teacher assists the student in selecting a book that matches their interest. Both leave the session with a sense of accomplishment: the student with a newfound tool to express themselves and the teacher with a renewed appreciation for inclusive tools.

We present to you the School Library Communication Board, a pivotal tool for enhancing language acquisition and fostering interactive opportunities within school libraries. This board is meticulously tailored to equip students with the requisite vocabulary for effective communication within a school library context, thus enriching literacy, social interaction, and fostering an avid interest in reading.

The School Library Communication Board encapsulates meticulously chosen vocabulary words, spanning across book genres, school library staff roles, and typical school library items. Through this, students can effortlessly express their requirements, pose questions, and meaningfully engage with the library staff and their peers. To enhance its relevance, the board can be personalized with the school’s name and emblem.

Constructed from resilient materials, the board promises longevity. It’s versatile in its size and material offerings to seamlessly blend with any school library aesthetic. Further customization, like including specific vocabulary or the school’s insignia, is also possible.

The School Library Communication Board serves as:

  • A tool for students, furnishing them with the necessary vocabulary for effective communication within the library.
  • A catalyst in fostering literacy, interpersonal skills, and a fervor for reading.
  • A sturdy and enduring fixture, available in diverse sizes and materials to complement any school library decor.
  • A customizable asset, capable of featuring the school’s emblem or catering to specific vocabulary needs.

By introducing the School Library Communication Board, you’re not only enhancing the inclusivity and support of the library ambiance but also championing the evolution of essential linguistic and interpersonal skills, all while nurturing an admiration for reading and discovery.

Specifically tailored for school libraries, these boards are infused with relevant vocabulary to enrich the library experience for all students and visitors. Enhance communication, inclusivity, and literacy in your school’s library with our custom-designed boards.

Aluminum: Crafted with two pre-painted sheets of .008″ aluminum, these signs have a robust polyethylene core, summing up to a total thickness of approximately 1/13 inches. Easy maintenance is ensured; simply wipe with soap and water using a non-abrasive cloth.

Plastic: Constructed from 6MM PVC plastic (sintra), our plastic signs are printed with long-lasting UV ink. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor placements, these signs offer an estimated lifespan of 5+ years with apt placement and care. Mounting is versatile, with options to set on a wood back post or attach to fences using methods like zip ties.

Wooden: Designed for resilience, our wooden signs are printed on high-density fiberboard using a four-color UV printing process. The eco-friendly ink is resistant to weather, fading, and abrasion. The board’s thickness stands at .5″ – roughly equivalent to 127 sheets of copy paper.

Make your school library a hub of effective communication and learning with the Library Communication Board. Constructed from top-grade materials, it promises durability, ensuring it remains a pivotal part of your educational environment for years.

Download our library communication guide:

how to make libraries more inclusive with a communication board
how to make libraries more inclusive with a communication board



Medium(27×18 In), Large(36×24 In), X-Large(45×30 In)


Aluminum, Plastic, Wood

Edit Vocabulary

No, Change up to 5 words ($180), Change up to 10 words ($300)


English Only, Bilingual (Spanish & English), Bilingual (Portuguese & English)

Custom Symbols Design

No custom symbol, 1 icon ($180), 2 icons ($340), 3 icons ($540)

Number of attachment holes

None (Recommended for framed boards), 4 (One on each corner), 6 ( 4 corders + Middle top/bottom)


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