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Preschool Playground Communication Board – High Contrast Edition


Preschool Playground Communication Board – High Contrast Edition

Meet Smarty Symbols Preschool Playground Communication Board – High Contrast Edition, specifically tailored to cater to the unique needs of elementary students from Preschool through Kindergarten. This board features a striking high contrast color scheme designed to enhance visual clarity and engagement, ensuring that every symbol is easily distinguishable and engaging for all children, including those with visual impairments.

Crafted with the educational journey of young learners in mind, this board includes 58 carefully chosen words along with letters and numbers, fostering effective communication and language development during critical outdoor play periods. The high contrast design not only captivates but also aids in focusing attention, making learning and communication both fun and accessible.

The Preschool Playground Communication Board – High Contrast Edition is an essential tool for any inclusive playground. It comes equipped with user-friendly instructions that guide both students and educators on how to best utilize this vibrant communication aid effectively.

Whether used for educational purposes or social interaction, this board is an indispensable resource for creating a welcoming and inclusive playground atmosphere that supports the diverse needs of students.

Features of the Preschool Playground Communication Board – High Contrast Edition:

  1. High Contrast Visuals: Utilizes a dynamic high contrast color scheme designed to enhance visual perception and engagement, making each of the 58 words, letters, and numbers stand out for all children, including those with visual impairments.
  2. Age-Appropriate Design: Specifically crafted for children in Preschool through Kindergarten, ensuring the content is suitable and engaging for young learners.
  3. User-Friendly Instructions: Features clear and concise instructions that are easy for both students and educators to follow, enhancing the usability of the communication tool.
  4. Inclusive Communication: Fosters an inclusive playground environment by promoting communication and social interaction among a diverse student population.
  5. Multilingual Options: Available in both English and bilingual versions (including Spanish, Portuguese, and French), addressing the diverse linguistic needs of any school community.
  6. Language Development: Encourages the acquisition and development of essential communication skills through interactive learning and play.
  7. Customizable Features: Offers customization options to perfectly align with your school’s specific needs and preferences, ensuring a more personalized experience.
  8. Robust Construction: Built from durable, weather-resistant materials to withstand various outdoor elements, ensuring long-lasting performance and minimal maintenance.
  9. Flexible Installation: Designed for easy mounting on a variety of surfaces including walls, fences, or posts, allowing for versatile placement throughout the school playground.
  10. Visually Striking Design: The high contrast theme not only serves a practical visual function but also adds a visually appealing element to the playground, complementing any school setting while drawing attention and interest from the students.

These enhanced features ensure that the High Contrast Edition of the Preschool Playground Communication Board is an essential tool for facilitating effective communication and enriching the educational experience in any inclusive playground setting.


Enhance your school playground with the High Contrast School Playground Communication Board from Smarty Symbols. Optimized for outdoor environments, this durable and visually striking communication tool features 58 crucial vocabulary words tailored to engage K-5 students effectively. Crafted from robust materials such as UV-protected plastic and eco-friendly aluminum, each option offers a lifespan of over 5 years, ensuring enduring utility in diverse settings.

Plastic Boards: Manufactured from resilient 6MM PVC plastic and printed with long-lasting UV ink, these signs are ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. They can be easily mounted on wood back posts or secured to fences with zip ties, offering versatility in installation.

Wooden Boards: These signs are printed on high-density fiberboard using a four-color UV printing process. The ink is eco-friendly, weather-resistant, and designed to resist fading and abrasion, making it perfect for outdoor use.

Aluminum Boards: Constructed from 3mm aluminum sheets with a polyethylene core, our aluminum options are especially suited for areas near water activities. They feature an optional extra UV protection glossy layer to enhance durability against environmental elements.

Text on the Boards: For Teachers: Encourage the normalization of these communication boards in your classroom. This tool helps children learn new words, form phrases, and engage more effectively with peers and educators. For Students: Use this board to enhance communication with your friends. Simply point to the pictures to express yourself or read aloud the responses to foster interaction.

Get creative and explore different ways of using symbols to enhance communication. This board is not only a tool but a bridge to more inclusive social interactions on the playground.

Available in both English and bilingual (English/Spanish) versions, the High-Contrast Preschool Playground Communication Board supports diverse linguistic needs, making it an indispensable resource for any educational environment focused on fostering communication skills and inclusivity.


Why High Contrast?

High contrast designs are essential for enhancing visual learning and communication, especially in dynamic environments like school playgrounds. Our High Contrast School Playground Communication Board is designed with this principle in mind, offering several key advantages:

  1. Increased Visibility and Attention: High contrast colors stand out more distinctly against varied backgrounds, ensuring that the communication symbols are easily noticeable and engaging for all children, including those with visual impairments.
  2. Enhanced Readability: The stark contrast between the background and the text/icons makes it easier for young learners to discern and understand the symbols, fostering better comprehension and quicker learning.
  3. Supports Visual Learning: High contrast visuals can help stimulate visual development in younger children and support the cognitive development of visual processing skills.
  4. Inclusivity: By catering to the needs of students with visual challenges, high contrast boards ensure that every child, regardless of their visual capabilities, can participate in and benefit from the communication opportunities these boards provide.


Combining Full Color and High Contrast Designs

At Smarty Symbols, we understand that different environments and situations might require different visual approaches. That’s why we offer the innovative option to combine both full color and high contrast designs into a single communication board. Here’s how this works:

  • Dual-Sided Design: One side of the board features vibrant, full-color imagery suitable for engaging all children and brightening up any playground space. The reverse side uses a high contrast color scheme optimized for visibility and accessibility.
  • Versatile Usage: This dual-sided approach allows educators and students to access  the two designs based on their specific needs.


This dual-sided design not only maximizes the board’s usability but also ensures that every student can access communication tools in a way that best supports their learning and interaction. By integrating both full color and high contrast sides, Smarty Symbols continues to lead in creating inclusive educational tools that adapt to meet the diverse needs of students across different learning environments.


Wood, Plastic, Aluminum


Medium ( 27×18 inches), Large (36 x 24 inches), X-Large (45 x30 inches)

Language Options

English Only, Bilingual (Spanish & English), Bilingual (Portuguese & English)

Background Color

White, Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Brown, Purple, Navy, Gray, Match my logo colors

Edit Vocabulary

No, Change up to 5 words ($180), Change up to 10 words ($300)

Custom Symbol Design

No custom symbol, 1 icon ($180), 2 icons ($340), 3 icons ($540)

Double Sided

No, Yes, Same design on both sides, Yes, different design on each side

Attachment holes

0 holes (Recommended for framed boards), 4 holes (4 corners), 6 holes (4 corders + middle top/bottom)


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