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Communication Board for Pediatric Clinic/ Hospital


Communication Board for Pediatric Clinic/ Hospital

The Smarty Symbols Pediatric Clinic & Hospital Communication Board is a versatile, customizable, and user-friendly tool meticulously designed to foster clear and effective communication in pediatric clinics and hospitals. This innovative solution aims to ease the stress and anxiety often associated with medical visits for children and enhance communication between healthcare providers, families, and young patients.


  1. Customization: Personalize the board with your clinic or hospital’s name, creating a professional and welcoming environment for children and their families.
  2. Material Options: Choose from three durable material options – Plastic (6MM PVC plastic with UV ink), Wooden (weather-resistant high-density fiberboard), and Aluminum (3mm thickness with a solid polyethylene core and optional UV protection glossy coating).
  3. Pairs with a free Speech Generating App: Families can download a copy of the free app Expressive Go on the App Store. A speech generating app that matches this board.
  4. Special Education Image Set: The board features images from the renowned Smarty Symbols image library, an internationally recognized collection of visuals designed specifically for special education and communication needs.
  5. Color-Coding System: Our communication board employs an internationally recognized color-coding system, further enhancing the clarity and effectiveness of communication. This system simplifies the process, making it easy for children to express their needs, symptoms, and emotions.
  6. Pain Scale & Body Image: To better understand and address children’s discomfort, the board includes a visual pain scale, allowing children to convey the severity of their pain. It also features an image of a body where children can indicate the location of their discomfort.
  7. Tailored Instructions: Each board comes with clear and concise instructions, ensuring ease of use for children and their families in the pediatric clinic and hospital setting.



This board was designed specifically to be placed in the waiting rooms of pediatric clinics waiting rooms and nurse’s office in schools to allow children to communicate by pointing to pictures. We have included vocabulary words that are more pertinent to this location.

  • Plastic: Durable plastic signs printed with UV ink on  6MM PVC plastic (sintra). These are long lasting signs that will last at any waiting room in a pediatric waiting room or nurse’s office.
  • Wooden: Our wooden signs printed using a four-color UV printing process on high-density fiberboard. Four color process, eco-friendly, fade and abrasion resistant UV ink. 5” thick (about the thickness of 127 sheets of copy paper). These will make a statement
  • Aluminum: Our Aluminum signs are 3mm and  made up of two .008” aluminum sheets sandwiching a solid polyethylene core. They are printed with eco-friendly, fade and abrasion resistant UV ink and have an extra UV protection glossy added ( Optional).

Estimated Lifespan:5+ years  outdoors with proper placement and care. Given that these signs would be placed indoors, they will likely last many years.


  • It is built to withstand outdoor elements and last for 5+ years. We offer 3 material options (See material options section for details) made of high-density PVC Sintra plastic and features a weather-resistant, acid-free satin (or glossy) finish. It comes in 3 sizes (M, L & XL) with fade-resistant UV ink in 4 colors (Red, Blue, Green & Black) on eco-friendly plastic, with a 6mm rigidity score and lightweight design. it’s easy to install, With 4 standard grommet holes.
  •  Our communication board features graphics and symbol that inspire kids to participate and interact with it. The graphics are appealing and easy-to-understand, making it ideal for children with diverse learning needs. The health and wellness communication board uses Smarty Symbols, an internationally recognized special education image set, and internationally recognized color coding system for effective communication
  • Our school board for picture exchange communication promotes inclusion in your school. It is suitable for various activities, games and ideal for non-speaking children to practice communication skills. Children can engage in conversations with families while waiting for a doctor’s visit, learn new vocabulary, ask questions, and express their emotions before medical appoints. This board not only provides enjoyment but also helps toddler speech therapy develop important communication skills. In the school setting, this board will allow school nurses to have a more comprehensive interaction with students in order to provide appropriate care.
  • The communication board is designed with making sure all children feel included in medical and health settings regardless of their communication levels. The symbols design were specifically created for communication. This means that children with diverse learning needs, as well as children with limited language skills, will be able to participate and engage with their peers in the playground. It specially uses as communication device for non verbal kids.


REPRESENTATION: All Smarty Symbols boards are designed keeping in mind the diversity of humanity, where we are all represented!



  1. Make your selections: Select the size, material, and customization options using the provided form on the product page.
  2. Complete payment: Pay directly on the website using our secure payment system or  submit a purchase order to us. After receiving the order, we will contact you to gather any necessary details.
  3. Customization details: Once payment is completed, a member of our team will contact you to gather additional customization details, such as school or clinic name.
  4. Design process: Our team will begin the design process once we receive the payment or purchase order. We will create a PDF proof and submit it to you for approval or modifications.
  5. Proof approval: We will not begin production until you have approved the proof, ensuring that you are satisfied with the design.
  6. Manufacturing & shipping: Once the design is approved, we will manufacture the boards and ship them. Shipping is free to all continental US and Canada.
  7. Timeline: The design process typically takes 4 to 5 days, manufacturing takes about 4 days, and shipping time varies depending on your location.

Plastic, Aluminum, Wood


Medium, Large, X-large


English Only, Bilingual (Spanish/English)

Edit Vocabulary

No (+$0), Yes – Change up to 5 words (+$180), Yes – Change up to 10 words (+$300)


Blue, Red, Green, Gray, White, Black, Purple, Orange, Match Logo Color


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