Expressive Go

Discover the next generation of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) with Expressive Go. Envisioned and designed by award-winning Speech-Language Pathologist Barbara Fernandes, this app aims to empower children and families to communicate effortlessly. Best of all, it's free to download and use all the boards which are for public use. The app can also transfer into a powerful communication app by upgrading.

Smarty Symbols Communication Board

All Voices, Any Place

Communication is not merely a privilege; it is a fundamental right. For children who are non-speaking, access to alternative modes of expression is not just beneficial—it's essential for their educational growth, effective interpersonal communication, and active participation in diverse life experiences. In recognition of this, we are thrilled to announce our collaboration with Smarty Ears, offering all of our communication board designs for free via the Expressive Go platform. Through our united initiative, 'All Voices, Any Place,' both Smarty Symbols and Smarty Ears are committed to empowering children and families on their communication journeys.

This initiative involves a two-pronged strategy with specific goals:

1. Expand Communication Boards: Led by Smarty Symbols, the first phase aims to increase the number of public spaces featuring communication boards.

2. Promote Speech-Generating Apps: Spearheaded by Smarty Ears, the second phase is focused on raising awareness and accessibility to speech-generating systems through our app. 

Imagine a family visiting a playground that has partnered with Smarty Symbols to install communication boards. Now, not only does the child feel acknowledged and empowered to communicate, but the family also gains awareness of AAC systems. They even get the opportunity to download their first speech-generating app, Expressive Go, developed by our partner Smarty Ears.

That’s why we are thrilled to join forces with Smarty Ears to contribute to this initiative with Expressive Go! This app serves as a speech-generating device, making it easier for children to communicate.

Expressive Go Features

Expressive Go

Communication On the Go  – All voices, Any Place.

Tap on image to speak the word

Tap on image to speak the word

Children can communicate by tappipng on each icon to speak words and build complex communication.

Five free speech generating screens

The app includes 100% free screens related speech in public spaces. All prepared with ai. powered vocabulary.

Access and Customize with 30,000 images by Smarty Symbols

Access and Customize with 30,000 images

Find symbols to add and modify vocabulary needed to enhance each child's communication needs and interests. 

Ai. powered vocabulary

Ai. powered vocabulary

State-of-the-art AI ensures the vocabulary is not just comprehensive but also intuitively arranged for optimal communication.

Ai. powered vocabulary

Auto verb agreement

I am, She is, you are! Advanced ai. powered verb agreement for all action words ensure that grammatically correct communication are effortless. 

User-Friendly Interface

User-Friendly Interface

Easily add new words and pages. Navigate through our app with ease, whether you're tech-savvy or a complete beginner.

Lake Placid Park Playground Communication Board
Our Story

How to get involved

We believe that creating a world where every voice is heard is a collective effort. Here's how you can be a part of this transformative initiative:
  • Organizations: Whether you’re a school, city park, playground, doctor’s office, or library, you can make your space more inclusive by adding a Smarty Symbols communication board. You also have the option to sponsor a communication board at a location of your choice, thereby extending the reach of this initiative.


  • SLPs and Other Professionals: Your expertise is invaluable. Spread the word about the “All Voices, Any Place” initiative and share the Expressive Go app with your network. We’re open to collaborations that can further the reach and effectiveness of this program.


  • Families: Our ultimate goal is to support you and your loved ones in your communication journey. Your feedback is crucial to us. Share your experiences and let us know how the initiative has made a difference in your lives. Your positive stories not only validate our efforts but also inspire us to continue innovating.

Simple & transparent pricing

Expressive Go provides five fully complimentary speech-generating boards, each corresponding to one of the Smarty Symbols playground communication boards. While already a valuable resource, users have the option to elevate Expressive Go into a robust and customizable AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) application through a range of affordable upgrades. Currently, we offer three transparently priced upgrade options, designed to be both easy to understand and financially accessible for families.

Monthly Subscription

$7.99/Per Month
  • Affordable try out monthly fee
  • Add voices to all screens
  • Customize all screen
  • Access 30,000 new words
  • Re-arrange word location

Yearly Subscription

$49/Per Year
  • Save 50% for a full year access
  • Add voices to all screens
  • Customize all screens
  • Customize with 30,000 images
  • Re-arrange word location

Compatible Communication boards

Other resources

Create custom learning materials

Unlock the power of visual communication with our playground communication boards and the Expressive Go app, both featuring the diverse and inclusive Smarty Symbols image library.

Boasting over 30,000 meticulously curated images, Smarty Symbols serves as the visual backbone for our products. Paired with our innovative resource creator, this extensive library empowers educators, therapists, and families to craft custom visual support materials.

From visual schedules and printable communication boards to flashcards and beyond, your options for enhancing communication and education are virtually limitless.

Custom Learning Materials Design Software