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Empowering Voices: How One Child’s Mission Transformed Recess for Non-Verbal Students

Discover the incredible story of Derek Walz, an 8-year-old with a heart full of compassion and a determination to make a difference. Inspired by a classmate's struggle to communicate during recess, Derek embarked on a mission to create a more inclusive playground experience for non-verbal students. Through his project to enhance recess through communication boards, Derek may be igniting a movement of compassion and inspiring children and adults alike to create positive change in their communities.
Playground Communication Boards

What are the benefits of a playground communication board?

Playgrounds serve as vital spaces for children's physical and mental well-being, fostering exploration, play, and social interaction. However, for children who face challenges in communication, navigating these spaces can be daunting. Playground communication boards offer a solution, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for all children, regardless of their communication abilities.