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Making Communication Accessible for All

Smarty Symbols is the leading platform for designing visual communication solutions aimed at fostering inclusion in public spaces. Our mission is simple but impactful: to create environments where individuals of all abilities can effectively communicate, engage, and thrive.

Smarty Symbols is a leading provider of innovative communication solutions for parks and recreation environments. With a mission to create inclusive and accessible spaces for individuals of all abilities, Smarty Symbols has revolutionized the way communication boards are designed, customized, and implemented in public settings.

At Smarty Symbols, we understand the importance of effective communication in promoting engagement, independence, and social interaction. Our comprehensive range of communication board solutions offers a user-friendly and visually appealing approach to support individuals with diverse communication needs.

With an extensive library of over 75,000 symbols, Smarty Symbols enables parks and recreation facilities to create highly customized communication boards that reflect the unique characteristics and preferences of their community. Our team of experienced professionals collaborates closely with clients to design boards that incorporate relevant visuals, core vocabulary, and specific location-based icons.

We go beyond providing communication boards by offering comprehensive support and resources. Our knowledgeable team assists in the selection of appropriate materials, sizes, and display options to ensure optimal functionality and durability. We also provide guidance on funding strategies and grant opportunities, helping parks and recreation organizations secure the necessary resources for their communication board projects.

By partnering with Smarty Symbols, parks and recreation facilities can create inclusive environments that promote communication, social interaction, and participation for individuals of all ages and abilities. Together, let’s transform public spaces into welcoming and inclusive communities where everyone can communicate and thrive.

What Sets Us Apart

  • One-Stop Solution: From design to implementation, we streamline the entire process. You don’t need to juggle multiple vendors or platforms; we offer everything you need to create and deploy effective communication boards.

  • Customizable Designs: Choose from over 35,000 symbols to create communication boards that align with the unique characteristics of your community.

  • Expert Consultation: Our team offers guidance on material selection, board sizes, and even funding opportunities, ensuring you get the most out of your communication boards.

  • Tech-Forward: We offer speaking comparing technologies of all the communication boards we have designed for communities, though Smarty Ears’ app Expressive Go.

Valley Vista Park Community Communication Board

All Voices, Any Place Initiative

Smarty Symbols, in collaboration with Smarty Ears, launched the transformative “All Voices, Any Place” initiative. This program aims to democratize communication by installing communication boards in a diverse range of public spaces—from schools and libraries to parks and even water parks.

The initiative is a dual effort:

  1. Communication Boards: Spearheaded by Smarty Symbols, we aim to increase the number of communication-friendly public spaces.

  2. Speech-Generating Apps: Led by Smarty Ears, the second part focuses on raising awareness about AAC through our app, Expressive Go.

Ready to help you make your space more inclusive

Our Team

Barbara Fernandes - Smarty Symbols CEO

Barbara Fernandes

Founder & CEO

Jonathan Fernandes Smarty Symbols 1

Jonathan Fernandes

VP of Sales

Remi Salami Smarty Symbols Sales 1

Remi Salami

Sales Director

abanoub sobhy

Abanoush Sobhy

Graphic Designer

Danica Smarty Symbols

Danica Avillon

Customer Support

The Impact We Are Making...

“At Smarty Symbols, we’re not just creating visual tools; we’re building bridges to inclusion, understanding, and community. Every symbol we design and every board we create has the power to open up a world of communication for someone. That impact, the ability to change lives through the simple yet profound act of enabling communication, is why we do what we do.”

Barbara Fernandes Smarty Symbols CEO

Barbara Fernandes M.S CCC-SLP

Smarty Symbols Founder

Create Custom Visual Support with our Software

Looking to extend the impact of your communication boards into custom learning activities? With our specialized software, you can effortlessly design a wide range of visual support materials. This includes creating your very own communication boards featuring the same icons you already know and love.

Create Custom Visual Support Smarty Symbols

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