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Smarty Symbols has recently started an initiative to make playgrounds more inclusive around the world. We have a collection of beautifully designed communication boards for public display.  You can preview our boards here. Children should have access to a personal communication device, but making communication boards available in public areas can benefit not only the children who already have access to their own personal device.

Special Education Programs can purchase one of our boards. All our boards are customized with the school name and we also offer the ability to deeply customize our boards with logos, and change vocabulary based on the school’s needs.

As part of our mission, we have started a monthly giveaway of a large communication board to a school in the continental US.

The first giveaway started on June 24th and will End July 31st, 2022.


  1. Form must be completed by a staff of school in continental US
  2. Form can only completed by a special education staff ( Special Education Director, SLP, Special Education Teacher, Special Education TA, Occupational Therapy, etc)
  3. Participants can only complete the form 1 time
  4. Multiple staff members from the same school may enter
  5. Prize may not be exchanged for its cash value

GIVEAWAY PRIZE: One Large Plastic Communication Board customized with the school name ( Shipping Included).

We would love to have a team member contact your school and see if purchasing a board for your school fits their budget. If you are interested in purchasing one of our boards, contact us!

Enter to win a large communication board for your school

School Playground Communication Board Giveaway