how to implement a playground communication board

Our team is offering webinars two times a month to teach you how to design and advocate for playground communication boards (It is free)

Creating a communication board has multiple moving parts: selecting vocabulary, making decisions on the color standard, remembering your parts of speech, researching materials to manufacture the board, companies, and finally installation. 

That’s why we have designed the free webinar. We want to show you how you can make communication accessible for everyone with a communication board to be used in a public areas such as a playground. 

You are also able to order a communication board directly from our website, and we will handle it all for you. However, our biggest mission if communication accessibility. That’s why we can also teach you how to do this on your own step by step.

The webinar will also cover details on ordering a board from us and the types of customizations we offer.

Checkout the button below for dates and sign up forms to our upcoming webinars.