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Welcome to the home of inclusive play with our playground communication boards, expertly designed by speech pathologists to bridge the communication gap for children of all abilities. Available in multiple languages and fully customizable, our playground communication boards are the go-to solution for enhancing communication and interaction in any recreational space.

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Each communication board is designed with words needed for each space.

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What are Communication Boards?

A communication board is a composition of images specifically selected to support communication by pointing to or touching one or multiple images.

Children with limited verbal communication, such as Autistic children or children with multiple disabilities, can communicate with their caregivers and other children through the use of these boards.

There are a lot of steps involved in creating a communication board: Selecting vocabulary, getting copyright permission from symbol libraries, color coding by parts of speech, hiring a designer, researching printing companies.

How we can help

Smarty Symbols has streamlined the process to make spaces more inclusive. We have designed a collection of communication boards, taking into consideration the vocabulary for each location. They are not only beautifully designed, but designed by a team of speech-language pathologist with expertise in communication boards.

Once you purchase our boards, we will customize them, manufacture, ship them to you and support with appropriate installation information and requirements. 

Popular Communication Boards

Benefits of Public Display Communication Boards

Inclusion: Children can use the communication board to interact with play areas and to communicate and connect with other children on the playground.

Communication: Children can communicate with their caregivers and peers through the use of picture symbols.

Awareness: Some of our boards include language to promote public awareness of speech-language evaluations and services, and special education services.

Learning: Like most other accessibility designs, communication boards will also facilitate young children’s learning of new vocabulary and reading.

Personalized Communication Boards

At Smarty Symbols, we understand that each community is unique, and one size does not fit all when it comes to communication boards. That’s why we take a personalized approach to design solutions that cater to the specific needs and preferences of each location.

Our team of experienced professionals collaborates closely with clients to create communication boards that accurately reflect the characteristics and preferences of their community. We recognize the significance of local culture and values and incorporate relevant visuals, core vocabulary, and location-based icons to resonate with the users.

By focusing on personalized solutions, we ensure that each communication board is a reflection of the community it serves. Through collaborative efforts and tailored designs, we strive to make a significant impact in promoting inclusion and enhancing social interaction within these spaces.

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“Empowering inclusive and connected communities, our personalized communication board solutions break barriers and promote social cohesion, ensuring that individuals of all abilities can communicate, play, and thrive in public spaces designed with their unique needs in mind.”

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  Our team is offering webinars two times a month to teach you how to design and advocate for playground communication boards (It is free) Creating a communication board has multiple moving parts: selecting vocabulary, making decisions on the color standard, remembering your parts of speech, researching materials to manufacture the board, companies, and finally installation.  That’s why

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Download Our Free Guides to Communication Implementation in Public Spaces

Download our comprehensive resource to guide park officials and decision-makers in incorporating communication boards into their city budgets. Share this invaluable guide with your city officials and take a step towards creating more inclusive and accessible public spaces. Together, let’s make a positive impact on our communities!

If you are looking to making the public spaces in your school more inclusive for everyone. Download our free school playground communication board guide. This is a great document to share with school administrators and decision makes in schools.

The School Wide Communication Access Plan is a comprehensive initiative designed to enhance communication and promote inclusivity in schools. The plan involves strategically placing specialized communication boards in various areas such as playgrounds, classrooms, libraries, and nurse’s offices. These boards facilitate language learning, social interaction, and self-expression among students.